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About Great Homes Tour

House Rules

Welcome to the Great Homes Tour!

Crossing our showcase homes’ threshold isn’t just about discovering great design—it’s an unspoken agreement to our terms. Don’t worry, it’s just our house rules, not a contract with James Clyde for your soul (we think). But do give them a read—because, let’s face it, the last thing you need is to inadvertently volunteer for garden gnome duty at one of these gorgeous homes. Happy touring!

Slip on Some Booties: Step into our homes with your complimentary booties over your shoes to protect our pristine floors. If you prefer to go shoeless, that’s cool too—just keep those socks on!

Admiring without Acquiring: Our homes are set for your eyes’ delight. Please enjoy the aesthetics without touching the furniture, walls, or fixtures. Think of it as a museum where you’re the VIP guest!

We’ve sprinkled a few clearly marked goodies throughout each home for you to take and enjoy. To make sure there’s enough to go around, please take just one – this way, everyone gets a piece of the fun!

Mind Your Little Ones: Little explorers should stick with their adult at all times. Beds are not trampolines, and play structures are just eye candy.

Bathroom Boundaries: Our home’s bathrooms and kitchens are for display only. Please refrain from using toilets and faucets. Just imagine the awkwardness if someone were to walk in on an unexpected performance! If nature calls, we’ve got you covered with facilities conveniently located outside.

“Sow” the Grass Respect: Honor the Grass, Stick to the Walkways. Remember, our grass is growing its best self—help it stay green by staying off.

Park Mindfully: Park thoughtfully by not blocking driveways or the front of showcase homes, and avoid turning around in neighbors’ driveways. Drive slowly, and be on the lookout for pedestrians.

Touring Times: Our homes are dressed to impress Friday through Sunday, 12 PM to 7 PM. Should you come by and find us closed, don’t worry! All homes are listed right here on greathomestour.com.

Thank you for supporting the Great Homes Tour. Enjoy your journey through each crafted space!